We're an idea company.

It is no small thing to be trusted with someone’s baby. To be asked to help get more customers, more market share, to make a difference.

It is the very reason our idea company exists.

We brainstorm, we ponder, we stew, we brood, we worry, we volley, we riff. We argue, we laugh, we come up with crazy stuff. We push, we question, we figure out what’s next. 

Because that’s our job. 

We think about our clients, their goals and needs, and this heady responsibility of having to break through the monotonous din of ubiquitous white noise.

We think about how our ideas affect the reader, the listener, the user. We think about how what we recommend will interrupt the universe; this busy, noisy, crowded space where everyone is texting and talking and multi-tasking and watching.  We think about making the world a better place.

We think a lot.

For over twenty years we’ve given blue-chip clients big ideas and big results. We’ve created enduring places, sophisticated positioning, and unforgettable brands. From the spark of an idea to the execution, we help our clients speak to their customers in a way that can be heard.  When we are done, we go home.

It’s a good idea to call us. We will listen.


Consumer Intelligence

   • Ethnographic studies
   • In-depth stakeholder studies
   • Analysis and recommendations

Brand Strategy

   • Planning and strategy for brands, products and companies
   • Positioning creation and development
   • Business and organizational consulting
   • Sales and market planning


   • Brand and corporate identity
   • Web and digital design
   • Advertising for all media
   • Graphic design and art direction
   • Copywriting
   • Video and motion design
   • Environmental and space design
   • Complete production for all creative

Social Media

   • Strategic planning
   • Communication campaigns
   • Content creation and implementation
   • Email marketing
   • Around the clock management and response
   • Corporate training 

Project Management

   • Planning
   • Team oversight
   • Budget and schedule tracking
   • Analytics and reporting


1. We have advised over 100 of the nation’s top master planned communities during the last 22 years.

2. CEO Kathy Cecilian and CCO Jay Hoeschler both come from world class advertising agency backgrounds. She from Leo Burnett Company in Chicago, and he from Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles. They’ve worked on really big clients from McDonalds to Toyota. She launched Chicken McNuggets, and he was one of the youngest VPs in Saatchi history.

3. During the economic downturn, Cecilian Worldwide thrived by launching three entirely new real estate brands for clients, developing two new products for ourselves, and adding a new social media division led by four GenY-ers.

4. Our relentless interest in consumers and their changing attitudes prompted us to create a one of a kind video research methodology called Dirt™. It’s a remarkably effective tool for making big decisions.

5. One year, we worked on nine of the top ten master planned communities in the nation on RCLCO’s top-selling list. We’re still a little disappointed we didn’t get the tenth.

6. Our clients call us for innovative ideas and solutions. The more complex the issue, the happier we are. Of course, we're pretty good at the low hanging fruit too.

7. Del Webb hired Cecilian Worldwide and sequestered Kathy and Jay in a room for four months to write Webb’s first multigenerational strategy which became the Anthem brand. Anthem was the best selling community in Phoenix for ten years.

Kathy Cecilian is a ULI governor, sits on the National Program Committee, is the former chair of the Community Development Council Blue Flight, was the Council Counselor for all Community Development flights, Chair of the ULI Master Planned Community Conference in Denver, wrote the Marketing chapter in Developing Active Adult Communities, and collaborated on Ten Principles for Smart Growth on the Suburban Fringe.

9. Our team is comprised of champion triathletes, ultramarathoners, cyclists, motocross racers, photographers, film makers, fashionistas, record producers, drummers, shifter karters, homebrewers, furniture makers, writers, and a black lab named Jack Bauer.

10. Our ladybug logo is quite well known, inspired by the nursery rhyme “Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home”. Our collection of lady bugs has been greatly enhanced by the generosity of our clients who send them to us from wherever they go.