Getting the Dirt

Dirt™ is Cecilian Worldwide's proprietary ethnographic research methodology. It uses journalistic video techniques and our keen power of observation to generate actionable insights for clients by asking consumers probing questions in select environments. We then analyze the footage to understand needs and unspoken motivations.

We use Dirt extensively to study and understand a wide variety of groups and stakeholders, including consumers, competitors, and other important thinkers.

We use Dirt video research in two ways: 

     •  Man-on-the-street interviews
     •  In-depth interviews with key stakeholders

Dirt is distinctly different from other methods of research because we’ve carefully crafted these key aspects into our process:

1. Quick turnaround on deliverables that ensures timeliness of findings.

2. Nimble conversationalists who are both naturally inquisitive and trained to identify answers, sentiments, and ideas that need further investigation immediately.

3. The capability to tailor our efforts as initial trends are discovered.

4. Sophisticated analysis from seasoned experts with extensive knowledge of the consumer, industry, and market.

5. A one-of-a-kind deliverable that informs and entertains in ways that no other methodology can rival.

One of the great advantages of Dirt is the immediacy in which you are able to view the footage and the unvarnished truth that face-to-face communication exposes. This shows the way people really talk about you and the issues you face.

While Dirt is our primary intelligence gathering tool, we often compliment it with additional quantitative research that confirms our findings on consumer preferences and emerging trends. We’ve helped establish best practices time and time again and continue to push the envelope to better inform our strategic decisions.

The Dirt Reel

We've gotten the Dirt for many clients in many places - here's a quick look at some of the work.