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Fork it over.

By KC on Monday 13 Jun 2011

I am big on manners. Especially table manners.

It provides a continuity to the past, a comfort that allows us to live within social convention.

My world has no place for SPORKS.  Did we really become too busy for a spoon and a fork? Why don't we just use our hands? We are probably sporking in the car anyway.

It seems to me that the world is really becoming ill mannered. We text at the table. We hang up mid-sentence. We send pictures of our underpants to strangers.

What happened to civility? 

Human discourse is changing. It's sharper, ruder and actually less social. Because real conversation occurs in more than 140 characters. How in the age of social media have we become so socially backwards?

I don't think knowing which fork is appropriate for salad is less important than retweeting, I don't think you need to check your Facebook at dinner. Technology and social media will grow and grow, and companies will come and go.  But sitting down to a white linen napkin and your family at dinner, well that's the best facetime of all.

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