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It's Time for Peeps.

By John on Tuesday 19 Apr 2011

In almost any grocery store or pharmacy this week, you see a lot of Easter candy. There are chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Eggs, all kinds of jelly beans and of course Peeps. I have never been much of a fan of eating chocolate so I wasn't particularly excited about getting an Easter basket from the Easter bunny when I was a kid. But, I have to admit that my favorite treat at this time of year is the marshmallowy, sugary Peep. I don't see them the rest of the year, but just like spring flowers sprouting up all over the place, Peeps suddenly start to appear everywhere. There was a time when there was only the "traditional" Peep: a little yellow chick. Now you can find them in every color and there are bunny Peeps as well. That must be a testament to their popularity. Of course, how can you not like a marshmallow dipped into a sugar bowl? Grab them while you can because they will suddenly disappear for another year.

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