Owning a Homebuilder Changed Our Perspective

Adamo Homes is an example of a brand based in business strategy that continually reinforces the most profound aspects of the operation. Cecilian Worldwide's initial relationship with Adamo grew from working with team members in some of their previous businesses and eventually lead to our being partners in Adamo Homes. We tend to make friends with smart ideas and keep them with great work. The name "Adamo" was a sacred cow, derived from founders' names and the brand grew organically from their story. The founders' experience in various sized builders showed them attention to detail, focus on relationships and being intentional in growing the business would all help them be successful. While those traits were a white space, we needed to claim our stake very clearly.

Enter Small Batch Homebuilding. Building off the societal shift towards interest in the process and creation, the Small Batch ethos offered the right balance of familiarity and intrigue. Small Batch Homebuilding served as the platform and lens for the brand to grow in a very pointed direction. From day one of roll out, the brand conjured romantic views of what homebuilding could be. And the team on the ground delivered in spades.

With a focus on digital (and no pallets of printed brochures) the website and social media took front seat in engagement and teaching. Eventually, Small Batch Homebuilding would pave the way for a new business unit Personal Batch, which positioned the company to serve the true custom home segment. Events were designed to engage, the sales process was turned on its head with Business Developers not traditional Sales People, and Adamo set out to change homebuilding.

Our continued involvement in building the brand and business is no mistake. So often, at Cecilian Worldwide, we get to make things for other people for them to grow and develop. Those people ask us back frequently, and we keep them moving in the right direction. But for Adamo Homes, we're involved day in and day out, seeing what really sings in homebuilding.